How to Bypass Root on Debian or Centos — hi guys in this post i will be explain How to Bypass Root on Debian or Centos, beware this is for education purpose only risk is your own for the first time is – DEBIAN Reboot your Computer. In display GRUB, choose kernel which boot with arrow button. Push button “E” for edited […]

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Setup RAID server in IBM family — Yesterday our team tried install debian on server branded IBM server x650 m4/m3, but rejected by disk drive because partition that knowing IBM is Raid 0 that make the second HDD merged, for solve that case so i make post which title Setup RAID server IBM. 1. Display before we setting In case […]

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Technic DKMS load driver on linux

Technic DKMS load driver on linux — In this case after we installing driver we’ve problem that after we upgrade our system d’system back to default a.k.a without driver -_- here is solve that case from my friend namely Technic DKMS load driver on linux. 1. downloading it’s driver in 2. Copying that file into this server with USB flashdisk/ […]

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Fix Pidgin with backport repository

Berikut cara fix Pidgin di debian 6 yang tidak ada option koneksi ke yahoo. Seperti kita ketahui secara default debian 6 pidginnya tidak/belum support protokol yahoo. Untuk fix-nya 1. Buka terminal atau text editor sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list 2. Enable Repository Backports di debian dengan uncomment baris deb squeeze-backports main atau jika tidak ada ditambahkan […]

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