Hi, now i’ll wrote about something weird when we’re install windows OS got error like setup was unable to create a new system partition so i post about it title how to fix setup was unable to create a new system partition you will be get error like this picture when Format and for the next step installation

how to fix "setup was unable to create a new system partition"

this is a lot way version about fix this message error, so i will explain and mention one by one here where maybe can fix ur problem 😀

======== first =====

– UNplug ur USB device and next

– error message will be show up plug back ur USB device to other port usb

Refresh and next (weird right ?? :b)


======= 2nd =======

– after the image above appear, close and go to Repair your Computer

– choose tools system/ tools OS whatever it is who had Tools XD

– choose CMD/ Command Prompt

– and typing like under command

  • SELECT DISK <n> (change <n> with HDD you want)
  • Exit

DONT FORGET this way FORMATTING your hdd it means all of your data will be LOSE so DONT FORGET TO BACKUP i repeat



======= 3rd =======

and this is happen to my client notebook, my problem almost got frustrated because just this problem make me so tiny, c’moon man this is just fresh reload OS (whispering my heart) and it ‘s got almost 2 weeks i trying one by one to fix this googling, youtubing and whatever internet said.

in conditional my client notebook here (hp core i5 2,5 Ghz, HDD (IDE/AHCI)500Gb, RAM 2 GB, 3 port USB 2.0 and no one port USB 3.0)

– so the 1st time i sanning this HDD notebook with Hiren boot CD, but that’s good the HDD not appear broken damage or bad sector

– and then i trying S&M stress who research and trying all Hardware notebook (this application is include on Hiren’s) but I did not find any significant problems

i am trying, arounding, walking, jumping and etc :b so i can handle it finally

– I replace my previous usb flashdisk using usb 3.0 kingstone into usb 2.0

– i plug in usb 2.0 port on notebook, and on bios previous AHCI i change to IDE and then follow step installation like basic

– but still error :p so I change again from IDE to AHCI again so i repeat installation,.. voilaaa i spare partition C & D and format C as basically thanks God it’s work for me =)


that’s some little my story about problem reload OS where actually so many error and so many pain, so I briefly this story *lol

thats my posting about how to fix setup was unable to create a new system partition i think enough, don’t forget if anything u wanna ask or something u could comment or email me, thanks 😉


Masukkannya Gengs!