— hi guys, now i will writing and note about How to installing printer Laserjet M1132 on Ubuntu 14


this is not just install but more specify when problem arrive 😀

in general tutorial like this

1. Make sure that the HP LaserJet M1132 MFP is connected to the computer and power is turned on

2. after that, find your terminal program, type this with your user

sudo hp-setup -i

3. follow the step as regularly.


buuut always problem for something XD for example when we type sudo hp-setup -i error or cant find any else, sooo if like that we can download manual from here   follow simple instruction from there too.

when hp setup already installed is still not enough we still need a plugin HP so that the whole can be run well and normal, type here in your terminal

sudo hp-plugin

wait until the process finish if you lucky *lol because sometimes (this is what i feel) the server key can’t connect into our connection that cause fail when installing plugin HP.

after that i’m confusing how to solve this so i adjust HP version with its application and download manual plugin HP that we use, in case i am using you can download from here  and then in your terminal type for installing -> sh 

after the last it, UNplug the cable printer USB to PC or restart your PC if that way didn’t work remove queues your printer or recreate with delete queue which already there


thats it maybe useful for you, if any question you can comment or email me 😉

Masukkannya Gengs!