— Yesterday our team tried install debian on server branded IBM server x650 m4/m3, but rejected by disk drive because partition that knowing IBM is Raid 0 that make the second HDD merged, for solve that case so i make post which title Setup RAID server IBM.

1. Display before we settingSetup RAID server IBM

In case virtual drive 0 JBOD 0 so installing Debian never happen detect HDD reboot server

2. push F1 into BIOS SETUP

Setup RAID server IBMMake sure at Bios menu Device and I/O ports have been setting type Sata Control Mode to AHCI (dont IDE)

3. Commit Changes/Save Settings.
4. Exit

5. after restart will be display like this

Setup RAID server IBM

don’t be take so long Press <Ctrl><H>

13. Wait until into Web BIOS
14. at menu Web Bios we’re requeste adapter disk, choose disk and then start

megaraid315. in Here Disk that color blue it mean not active yet

megaraid416. Directly choosing Configuration Wizard for make disk step by step .

megaraid4-117. Choose New Configuration after the window top up
18. YES
19. choose Manual Configuration

megaraid820. After that . click hardisk which be configure, click Add to tray .
Anyway in this step choose Add to tray makesure that HDD move to Right place till be active marked with Green colour

megaraid9until like this =)


21. In this Menu we can setting Size ,type etc. we got size that we want. our trying to fill all size for cache i set enable, next access policy dont forget  RW dan Write Through,,,
as this pict

Accept then Next

Processing format we’ll be disgust so be patient until 100 %
megaraid13Don’t forget to click set boot drive (none) after that click Go

Oke Next or exit or ctrl alt delete directly Restart

Now trying to be install Debian again 😀


Creative tutorial by : Ibrahim Suprapto

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