Hi Guys, this time i’ll note something simple but most important how to Show Folders are Hidden Viruses or Etc

yup hidden folder by virus as usually on windows we find that, as like picture below


and how to solve this f*cking annoying #lol kidding

1. first step i use Linux System Operation, absolutely because i Linuxer :p there’s other way with Windows OS but it take long way we really wanna simple n fast, right ?

2. plug ur FDD, HDD, eksternal, or something into whatever linux and look at foreigner folder, file, which extension .exe .dll and folder who wrote “RECYCLER” delete all file and folder u don’t know and never u store in it, please be thorough …

3. now when in Windows OS, some registers have been tampered or broken by virus, so we have to fix or rebuild again, the way simple is UNhide all, oowh i forgot for the first time ur storage still Hidden.

4. Unhide ur Explorer windows  fd-25. and go to command prompt, Win+R -> CMD -> Enter

6.Go to ur DIR storage in here as example F: so typing “F:” and write this

“attrib –r –s –h /S /D”

== Explain about above ==

+ for adding attribute
– For remove attribute
R attribute Read Only
A attribute for archive
S attribute for system
H attribute hidden
/S for attaching file which in sub folder
/D for attaching file all file into folder


that’s it, see u to next my post 😉

Masukkannya Gengs!