Hi all, now i’ll note about my knowledge with my friend about how to Using Mail Server Zoho Apps for Domain (Free Account) in Zoho Apps you will be have 10 users each user have 5 Gb capacity, now here it’s tutorial

Using Mail Server Zoho Apps for Domain

1. Go to Officially Zoho mail apps here

2. Sign up / register with Free Account and then input your domain there

3. after that you must login an fill form which gives from zoho

4. and then you will be given CName like that

Using Mail Server Zoho Apps for Domainbelow this picture zoho itself given about general step in your control panel DNS too, but i think i don’t know exactly because different control panel also different i usually set MX record change from MX Primary to MX remote.

5. next, i put that CName into my control panel (i using sPanel:control panel that made from indonesia)

i delete default setting from that panel and then i adding cname that given from Zoho into my panel , i adding preferensi too and don’t forget  for facilitate with redirect subdomain example: mail.my-z.info, look in my picture below. I am using control panel custom in my office you can directly using cPanel on it’s features

Using Mail Server Zoho Apps for Domain

6. Adding user in your Zoho  apps with valid email administration enjooy mailing with Zoho guys.

That’s it, hope this tutorial helpful for you or others 🙂

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